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4 ways to banish textured / acne skin

Blog post from September 21, 2016

Many people don’t need to do anything to have their clear, glowing baby skin. Unfortunately I am not one of them.  I have to take specific steps to prevent myself from having breakouts or bumpy skin. Luckily I have discovered my own personal remedies that seem to work every single time.


I will break out from a bad diet, consuming too much alcohol, using wrong products and stress. 


My comparison photos were both unedited, the difference is quite obvious and surprising to me since its the first time I've actually put two photos side by side. On the left, my skin is more clear, glowy and spots-free. On the right, you can see pink dots even though I was wearing foundation and makeup as I used to break out on my forehead and cheeks.


With that being said, it doesn’t mean that I never cheat and eat McDonald’s breakfast with an extra hash browns or overly consuming meat / sweets / deep fried foods etc.… The list goes on because I love to eat! However, It will start showing on my skin If I have consecutive days of eating these foods... Here are the top five tricks that I personally use to help my skin:


  • Exfoliating my skin with Paula's Choice 2% bBHA liquid (works wonders on tiny white bumps and those huge pimples that you get occasionally as Beta Hydroxy Acids cleans inside your pores and rids impurities, it also promotes collagen growth!) * be sure to protect your skin with SPF in the mornings. *



  • Dabbing aloe vera gel on any big red pimples as a spot treatment !! My favourite one is by Nuskin. It is very soothing and highly anti-inflammatory and antibacterial for those big red pimples.



  • Including flax seeds in my food. I normally put it in my oatmeal or morning smoothies as it contains such a high amount of fibre (cleans our digestive tracts) and omega 3 fatty acids (it speeds up our skin's healing process and its highly anti-inflammatory)  


  •  Juicing: organic carrot & orange juice (this particular juice works miracle for skin health). natural vitamins A & C which are known ingredients that people take as supplements and apply topically to fight multiple skin problems. Treatments such as Retinol (vitamin A) and Ascorbic Acid ( vitamin C) are common treatments that cosmetics companies sell.



Off course, cutting out the bad things in my diet is crucial in order for the any of these tricks to work completely. 


Skin health will not recover solely from a single miracle product; in fact there is no single miracle product. Clear skin goes hand in hand with how you take care of yourself from the inside and out !


I hope this post will become of use to those who have death with acne/pimples/textured skin! If you guys have your personal favourite remedies please feel free to comment below to share with everyone :) 

I would also love your feed backs if you decide to give anything that I mentioned a try!! 




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