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Spring time calls for fresh glowing skin

Blog post from February 19, 2016

Hi everyone, this is our first-ever beauty blog, we will be posting about upcoming beauty trends and skin care tips that we hope you will enjoy !




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5 Basic steps everyone can follow for smooth, dewy skin that will look fresh with or without makeup.


1. Cleaning 

A lot of people don't pay enough attention when it comes to their skincare routine. It surprises me that so many people tell me they just wash their face with hot water in the shower, clean their face with harsh soaps, or some don't even bother cleaning their face at all with a proper facial cleanser. Treat your skin and start making some changes this spring by:


Start by using a cleanser that is gentle, try to look for ones without harsh ingredients such as soap or fragrances.



2. Toning 

Toning is a crucial step to your skincare routine. It balances the PH of your skin after cleansing (even tho some cleansers claim that it is PH balanced). But the most important fact about using a toner is that it helps your skin absorb your moisturizer or serum (if you have not started using one, you should!) much, much, MUCH better. If you are unsure, and do not want to spend money on one because of that, I would recommend going to a department store and ask for a sample of one and try it. You will feel the difference, especially if you are struggling with flakey skin (wether if you are dry or oily). Treat your skin this spring by:


Trying a gentle toner made without synthetic fragrances and alcohol.



3. Exfoliating 

Imagine a piece of tissue on top of your hand, that is the dead skin cells that sits on top of your skin.  It blocks your serums and moisturizers from penetrating into your skin, no matter how good a cream is, it will not be as effective if this layer of dead skin is not removed! Especially true for those that struggle with flakey skin (especially after you apply foundation). Treat your skin this spring by:


Try using an exfoliate at least three times a week, it is safe to exfoliate this often if your exfoliator is a gentle one. I highly recommend BHA/AHA liquid exfoliants, they work better than physical scrubs as it doesn't irritate your pores (if you guys would like more information about liquid exfoliants, please comment and let me know).



4. Treating

Depending your skin type, everyone should have a treatment for their skin to help protect and repair their skin both day and night. Think of this as feeding your skin multi-vitamins daily, it will stay healthier and younger! Treatments normally come in the form of essence or serums, but it can also be a lotion for some particular skin issues. Recently, natural oils or oil blends have also been popular. Treat your skin this spring by:


Finding a treatment for your skin type, if you have acne-prone use something with BHA in it. Those with dryer skin that have flakes or discolouration, use something with AHA in it. Try to look for ones with gentle ingredients (if you guys would like more information or recommendations about skin treatments for different skin types, please comment and let me know).

5. Moisturizing 

Again, depending on your skin type, a moisturizer help lock the moisture in your skin hence the  term. It would be a waste to do all the prepping for your skin and not use a moisturizer. It is also responsible for balancing your skin, especially for those have oily skin and think they don't need a moisturizer. Your skin will produce more oil when it feels thirsty when it doesn't have enough moisture.  Treat you skin this spring by:


Start using a moisturizer with antioxidants and natural oils, it would be best if you can find one that you like without fragrances. Also, wear SPF all day everyday in the AM's !

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