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Styling Boyfriend Jeans

Blog post from April 11, 2016

I have been wearing leggings and trousers so often lately that I got bored, especially with all the dark colours. I was also inspired by the new trend with baggy looking jeans AKA mom jeans and I realized I had a pair of boyfriend jeans, so I decided to style it. 



I wore a semi-loose fit sweater and partially tucked it in at the front so it doesn't look like I have no shape at all or overly baggy looking. By tucking it in at the front, I was able to show off the thin belt that I paired this look with.



Wearing boyfriend style jeans doesn't mean your look has to look tom-boy! I wore kitten heels to make the whole outfit look more feminine. If you are going out at night, a pair of high heel stiletto will also look very cute.


A side view of the entire outfit. 


Boyfriend Jeans : Old Amercian Eagle 

Bag : Long Champ 

Belt : Old Aritzia 


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